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Cave Diver Course is one of the most advanced certifications available today. It is taught in a minimum of 4 days with a minimum of 8 dives. The emphasis of this course is equipment configuration, decompression problem solving, jumps, circuits, traverses and surveying.

Prerequisites: NACD introduction to Cave Diving or equivalent. Minimum Equipment: All equipment for Introduction to Cave Diving, minimum double 71.2 cu.ft. tanks with manifold, compass, primary light with minimum 20 watts, 2 secondary reels and line arrows.


The purpose of this course is to provide continuing education and experience for fully trained cave diver under supervision of a qualified specialty cave diving instructor.

As more scuba divers pursue training and become certified cave divers, the interest and demand for training in specialized advanced techniques in safe cave diving grows at a steady rate. It is the intent of NACD training programs to provide an organized format that will professionally and safely guide the interested cave diver in the proper direction using the most current procedures.

Prerequisites: NACD Full cave or equivalent and must verify completion of 25 or 50 non-training dives depending on specialty.

Specialty courses offered:
- Advanced Decompression theory
- Exploration / Survey Techniques
- Stage Diving
- Side Mount Diving
- Submersible Diver Propulsion Vehicle Techniques
- Photography / Videography

Take advantage of our ample experience and local knowledge to make the most of your dive experience




Diving is a sport that thousands of people from diverse backgrounds practice and one that allows them to know the incredible sub aquatic world.
At Acuatic Tulum we offer you a variety of programs and training that adapt to your level of experience, whether that level is beginner or technically advanced.
If you are a beginner, we have programs for recreational diving that allow you to enter this marvelous world even if you are not an expert swimmer or in exceptional physical condition.
We are affiliated with the world renowned association of recreational diving, Professional Association of Diving Instructors PADI who has developed highly tested courses designed to provide a basic understanding and the requisite skills necessary to complete underwater activities in a secure and enjoyable manner.


A one day course in which the participant completes a technical theory session and completes a practice in shallow water during which he is instructed in the basic skills to allow him to safely complete an immersion in open waters. Does not include certification.

Price: $80 US (includes equipment)


A two day course that includes theory sessions, practices in shallow water and 2 immersions in open water.

Price: $250 US (includes equipment and certification)

snorkel en tulumOPEN WATER Diver Course

This course takes 4 days, and includes theory sessions, shallow water practices and 4 immersions in open water.

Price: $400 US (includes book, practice, equipment and certification, entrances fee to cenotes)



This course consists of 5 special immersions drawn from a range of possible dives, for example deep , orientation, night, peak buoyancy performance, naturalist, multilevel etc.
Price: 400 US (includes book, equipment and certification)



Here we focus on rescue techniques by simulating different scenarios and the procedures for cardio pulmonary resuscitation (Emergency First Response).
The rescue diver training developes the ability to observe other divers and anticipate possible risk situations, learning how to effectively intervene in emergencies and in the evacuation of injured people.

Price: $400 US (includes book, equipment and certification)


This level allows the candidate to enter the diving world in a professional manner. Training includes Physics, Physiology, equipment, standards, and requires 60 logged experience dives, allowing the participant to be an assistant of an instructor and/or a guide for divers with certification.
Price: $800 US ( certification PADI)


Parallel to the world of recreational diving, an interest in diving in extreme environments, like cave diving, is growing. This more technically advanced diving is not for everyone. But if you obtain a high level of performance and sufficient proficiency in the water, cave diving could be for you. If you commit to apply the procedures and techniques learned in available cave diving courses, and apply the principles of Conservation and Safety, you may qualify to discover this new and unique world.

At Acuatic Tulum we have a great level of experience in this type of dive and we can offer training programs to bring you to a level where you can safely cave dive while having fun.

The progression levels of certification for Cave Diver are as follows:


The course in cave diving is considered a minimum of 2 days and includes sessions in theory and land exercises as well as in water exercises before a minimum of 4 cave dives. This course covers dive planning, procedures, propulsion techniques, flotation and problem solving as well as modification of equipment that consider the special needs of a cave diver. At the end of the training the participant will explore the world of cave diving in a safe manner within the divers’ particular limits.

Pre-requisite: Advanced certification in open water or equivalent or Open Water Certification with 15 dives of further experience.
Minimum Equipment: Mask, fins, writing tablet, decompression table.


This course is a minimum of 2 days and includes a minimum of 4 dives with single tank. This course is designed to improve skills developed in cave diving and to learn new skills and talents necessary for dives that enter caves with single tanks.

The purpose of this instruction is to understand the protocol for entering -caves within the limitations of a single tank. It is designed for divers who do not want to involve the use of double tanks nor are interested in exploration of caves or long dives with decompression. The course establishes in the diver the minimal capabilities for planning and problem solving necessary to dive in caves in a safe and enjoyable manner with a single tank.
Pre-requisite: NACD Cavern Diver Certification or equivalent and a minimum of 25 registered dives outside of training dives.
Minimum Equipment: All the equipment for cavern diving, a tank with a minimum of 71 cubic feet of air with double valve, primary spool with 120 meters of line, security line and additional first stage with line for secondary stage of 1.5 meters minimum length, line markers and a total of 3 lamps


Some students may benefit from a program that provides to separate two day courses to attain the full cave diver level.
The apprentice Cave Diver course is taught in a minimum of two days with a minimum of 4 dives in double cylinders. The emphasis of the course is an introduction to jump and gap procedures ad continual improvement of the procedures, skills and emergency drills previously presented at Cavern and Introduction to Cave courses.

Apprentice Cave Diver is considered a training level only and shall result in issuance of a time limited temporary card. Such temporary card shall expire of its own force and effect, one year from the date of issuance. Upon expiration, diver will be required to complete apprentice Cave Diver program to subsequently dive at that level.

Prerequisites: NACD introduction to Cave or equivalents.
Minimum Equipment: All equipment for full cave, minimum volume 142 cu.ft. in double cylinders with manifold, compass, primary light with minimum 20 watts, 2 secondary reels and line arrows.

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